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RTS Cutting Tools has acquired a certified cage code to manufacture special cutting tools for all branches of the United States Armed Services and government contracting. Our products include special cutting tools manufactured from high speed steel, cobalt, and carbide for use in ship building, military assault vehicles, various military aerospace applications, and gun manufacturing.

Defense Contract Management

Certified Cage Code: 1WJX9

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With the rapid life cycles that the military and government demand we are able to design and manufacture to meet these special cutting tool requirements. We have designed and manufactured special cutting tools that last longer, create a unique cavity, or consolidate operations. Our products are reliable and have dedicated people with the ultimate goal of providing a hole making solution for you.

Our quotation process is the best in the business. We strive to have you a quote in 24 hours or less. We know you’re busy and everyone is doing more with less. Your projects are important and that’s why we want to keep them on-track by getting you your answers so you can continue to move your project forward. Use our “Custom Tool Builder” to expedite your quote response and print approval.

Our capabilities are vast and size can range from .100’’ to 4.0’’ in diameter with a length of .500’’ to 36’’. Various diameters, lengths, helix, flute construction, and quantities is our specialty.

An example of some of the special cutting tools we have manufactured for the defense of this great country.

  • Piloted Reamers
  • Piloted Core Drills
  • Reamers
  • Step Reamers
  • Core Drills
  • Drills
  • Step Drills
  • Subland Drills
  • Counter Sinks
  • Counter Bores

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