Cobalt Cutting Tools

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Cobalt (molybdenum series high-speed steel) is used in applications where High-Speed Steel is not giving you the wear resistance you’re looking for.  The additional 8 or 10 percent of cobalt content creates superior hardness and wear resistance.  Cobalt cutting tools can be hardened to a higher level than High-Speed Steel, which gives you the added wear resistance and strength.  The additional hardness and strength will allow higher cutting speeds and feeds reducing overall cycle time.  Cobalt works well on hard to machine materials, is less prone to chipping, and can be coated for particular material applications.

Benefits of Cobalt Cutting Tools

  • Can be hardened to a higher level than High-Speed Steel to provide added wear resistance and strength.
  • Works well on hard to machine materials and can be coated to provide better performance for a particular material.

Custom Cutting Tool Options For (M42) 

  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • End Mills
  • Counterbore Drill

Applications For Cobalt Tooling

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