HydraForce Cavity Tooling

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HydraForce Cavity ToolingOur HydraForce hydraulic cavity tools are manufactured with the finest locally sourced materials and crafted by expert CNC operators. The tools offer a polished high helix flute for fast chip evacuation and superior penetration rates. Roughing and finishing cartridge valve cutters are available in straight shank and can have a coating applied to suit the material you’re machining.

HydraForce Cavity ToolingWe have in stock 2 way, 3 way, and 4 way port cutters ready to ship. We also offer the short series in CT-10, CT-12, CT-16, and CT-20. Our porting tools and high performance form tooling are just a few of our specialties. We are the preferred supplier of hydraulic cavity tooling to Sun Hydraulics for over 20 years. We have applied this culminated knowledge, quality, and attention to detail to our HydraForce form relief tooling.

If you have a port tool design you'd like to try, just give us a call and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Features of HydraForce Cavity Tooling

  • Helical flutes for fast chip evacuation
  • 5 Flute Reamers for a better finish & hole concentricity
  • Use of premium substrate material
  • Notched Point Web for better self centering
  • R-16 Process Coated for lubricity
  • Increased Speeds and Feeds
  • IGES Files available for simulation
  • Manufactured from High Speed Steel

Benefits of HydraForce Cavity Tooling

  • Shorter cycle times due to increased speed and feed rates
  • Better hole concentricity with straight shank and holder selection
  • R-16 process coated for use in either ductile iron or aluminum machining
  • Shanks are manufactured to H-6 tolerance for use with Rego-Fix powRgrip, HPE-pioneer, Techniks, and all other major tool holder brands

Hydraforce Tooling Gallery

finishing reamerport cutter / port toolforming toolsroughing drills

Hydraforce Tools

Cavity Drill / Rougher Reamer / Finisher
CT08-2 CT-08-2RO-HSS CT-08-2FO-HSS
CT08-3 CT-08-3RO-HSS CT-08-3FO-HSS
CT08-4 CT-08-4RO-HSS CT-08-4FO-HSS
CT10-2 CT-10-2RO-HSS CT-10-2FO-HSS
CT10-3 CT-10-3RO-HSS CT-10-3FO-HSS
CT10-4 CT-10-4RO-HSS CT-10-4FO-HSS
CT12-2 CT-12-2RO-HSS CT-12-2FO-HSS
CT12-3 CT-12-3RO-HSS CT-12-3FO-HSS
CT12-4 CT-12-4RO-HSS CT-12-4FO-HSS
CT16-2 CT-16-2RO-HSS CT-16-2FO-HSS
CT16-3 CT-16-3RO-HSS CT-16-3FO-HSS
CT16-4 CT-16-4RO-HSS CT-16-4FO-HSS
CT20-2 CT-20-2RO-HSS CT-20-2FO-HSS
CT20-3 CT-20-3RO-HSS CT-20-3FO-HSS
CT20-4 CT-20-4RO-HSS CT-20-4FO-HSS


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