Custom Step Core Drill

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Tool Description

A Step Core Drill (3 flutes and 4 flutes) is a conventional core drill which has had a second diameter created by grinding down a portion of the larger diameter. These tools are used to enlarge previously drilled, punched, cast, or cored holes. Step construction limits regrind life in comparison to Subland construction but smaller diameter and greater diameter differentials are possible. More than two diameters are available for performing two operations in one production step.

Applications for Step Core Drill

The Step Core Drill is primarily used for Core Drill Counterboring, Core Drill Chamfering, Core Drill Reaming, Piloted Counterboring, or Spot Facing (Note that this style of tooling also applies to other combination tooling: Reamers, Counterbores, Spot Facers). All of the application are to enlarge existing holes, creating closer hole tolerances and/or surface finishes. The size optional program affords the opportunity to apply the correct tool geometry for your specific requirements.


The Step Core Drill and other construction styles should not be used where the Subland Core Drill construction is possible. It is not practical to have a small diameter less than 55% of the large diameter. This percentage increases below No. 17 blank because the small diameter minimum is 0.001 in.

Available Materials for Custom Step Core Drill

  • High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Cobalt HSS (HSCO)
  • Solid Carbide (SC)
  • Carbide Tipped (Tct)
  • Carbide Head/Steel Shank

Custom Step Core Drill Builder

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