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Custom Custom Counterbore Drill

Tool Description

Counterboring is the enlarging of the top portion of an existing hole. Counterbore’s can be manufactured in 3 different styles: Drill and Chamfer Counterbore, Interchangeable Counterbore, and a Continuous Piloted Counterbore. A Counterbore will form a cylindrical-shaped opening with a flat or angled bottom. The counterbore will allow the head of a screw to have a firm seat.

A drill and chamfer counterbore will do just that. Drilling the hole to accept a tap for threading or allow the screw to pass through to a threaded surface while counterboring the upper surface for a good seat or recess for the head of the screw.

Counterbore Drill Design

Interchangeable Counterbore’s are designed to allow the pilot to be removed to change to the right pilot diameter for your application. The pilot can be replaced if damaged or worn. The pilot is also designed to be removed for the re-sharpening process. Available on request with straight shank or taper shank options.

A Continuous Piloted Counterbore is better known as cap-screw and solid-pilot Counterbore’s. Designed with a round shank and spiral Subland style flutes for ease of use. The spiral flute design keeps the tool cutting freely by fast chip evacuation.

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