Coolant Fed Cutting Tools

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We have a wide variety of cutting tools that can be manufactured out of high speed steel, carbide, or carbide tipped.  Having the coolant directed through the tool to the cutting edge reduces the cutting edge temperature and has a lubricating effect.  The reduced heat due to the improved cooling and lubricity will lower wear on the cutting edges.  By reducing the edge wear the overall tool life will increase reducing the cost per hole.

Benefits of Coolant Fed Tooling

  • Coolant fed tooling can be supplied in any of the above materials.
  • Coolant hole tooling can be designed to supply coolant directly to the working edges of a tool.
  • High-Speed Steel cutting tools with coolant holes have a "carbide like" performance with an economical price.

Custom Cutting Tool Options 

  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • End Mills
  • Counterbore Drill

Applications For Coolant Fed Tooling

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