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Tool Description

A Step Drill offers a big advantage over conventional altered standard. A standard drill is produced with a web to suit its diameter. Grinding a step on an ordinary drill destroys the rank and causes the small diameter to have insufficient chip room.

Step Drills are built to order with flute formation specifically designed to suit the small diameter as well as the large. This method of manufacturing results in a more accurate tool. Proper rake and chip clearance result in less tool breakage and more satisfactory results are achieved.

Applications for Step Drill

Step Drills eliminate operations by drilling multi-diameter hole such as drill-drill, drill –chamfer, etc., in one production step. When bushings are used, double or triple margins can be provided to give maximum support.


The Step Drill is not practical with a small diameter less than 50% of the large diameter

Available Materials for Custom Step Drill

  • High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Cobalt HSS (HSCO)
  • Solid Carbide (SC)
  • Carbide Tipped (Tct)
  • Carbide Head/Steel Shank

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