High Speed Steel Cutting Tools

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RTS Cutting Tools excels in the manufacturing of custom high speed steel cutting tools.  We manufacture custom high speed steel cutting tools for just about every industry.  Manufacturing custom Cutting Tools from high speed steel is our “sweet spot”.

Custom Tools manufactured from high speed steel fit our manufacturing process and allow us to be very cost-effective.  That’s because we have invested in the newest CNC equipment and have knowledgeable employees with over 35 years of experience.  This invaluable experience and investment gives us the advantage when manufacturing and regrinding custom high speed steel cutting tools.  Over our 75 years there’s not much we haven’t seen or manufactured out of high speed steel. 

Our custom cutting tools are manufactured out of the finest grades of high speed steel material from American suppliers.  Using the finest grades of steel from American suppliers will ensure our cutting tools are going to provide the same tough performance that our customers demand each and every time.

Selecting the proper grade of steel for your application is crucial to finding the right solution.  The grade of steel used is the backbone to cutting tool performance.  We offer High Speed Steel, Cobalt, and Powdered Metal for use in manufacturing or custom cutting tools.

High Speed Steel (M2 / M7)

High Speed Steel is the most economical material to use that can be manufactured into any type of tool needed.  High Speed Steel works well on all materials and can be coated to provide even better performance.

Cobalt (M42)

Cobalt is used in applications where High Speed Steel is not giving you the wear resistance you’re looking for.  Cobalt can be hardened to a higher level than High Speed Steel, which will give you added wear resistance and strength.  Cobalt works well on hard to machine materials and can be coated for particular material applications.

Powder Metal Cutting Tools (T15/M4)

Better known as PMT-15 and the most wear resistant of the high speed steels.  PMT-15 takes it to the next level in hardness and wear resistance.  PMT-15 can be hardened to a higher level than Cobalt and provides superior wear resistance and strength.  PMT-15 works well on just about all materials.

By selecting the proper grade of high speed steel, adding coolant fed holes, and applying the proper coating we have had customers state our tools give them near carbide like performance and tool life.

Keyseat / Woodruff / T-slot Cutters:

 RTS Cutting Tools manufactures special keyseat cutters out of HSS, Cobalt, Carbide, and Carbide Tipped materials.  We design and manufacture straight flute, staggered flute, and helical flute keyseat cutters.  Our special keyseat cutters are used for slotting and cutting internal shapes for various industries.  Keyseat cutters can also be ordered with a special form to fit your workpiece design.  Coating can be applied as necessary for specific applications.


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