Custom Two Flute Drill

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Tool Description

The Two Flute Drill is a basic cutting tool, offering various helix angles, optional point angles, lengths and margin styles to fit you custom application requirements.

Applications for Two Flute Drill

Two Flute Drills are versatile tools that can be adopted to cover a broad range of applications. Custom Two Flute Drills are necessary for custom applications where longer lengths, larger diameter, or special geometry are required. The most important feature of the Two Flute Drill is the double/triple margins which provide maximum bushing support which results in a straighter and more accurate hole. The Two flute Drill is predominately used to remove large amounts of material. It is not considered a finishing tool unless tolerances are not restrictive.


The Two Flute Drill is the perfect tool for a wide range of applications.

Available Materials for Two Flute Drill

  • High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Cobalt HSS (HSCO)
  • Solid Carbide (SC)
  • Carbide Tipped (Tct)
  • Carbide Head/Steel Shank

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