Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools

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Carbide tipped cutting tools offer you superior wear resistance, high cutting temperatures, and the retention of the tools cutting edges.  The carbide tipped edges allow increased speeds and feeds for reduced cycle times.  The high-speed steel body with carbide inserts gives you an alternative to solid carbide cutting tools at a reduced price.  The high-speed steel body not only allows a reduction in cost but also has an added shock resistance quality when compared to solid carbide cutting tools.

Benefits of Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools

  • The best of both worlds. It provides near the performance of solid carbide, but the cost is less due to the High-Speed Steel body.
  • The High-Speed Steel body provides some flex for a work-holding environment that is less rigid.
  • It can be coated to suit a particular material.

Custom Cutting Tool Options For Carbide Tipped

  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • End Mills
  • Counterbore Drill

Applications For Carbide Tipped Tooling

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