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Counterboring is enlarging of the top portion of an existing hole.  This will form a cylindrical-shaped opening with a flat or angled bottom that will allow the head of a screw to have a firm seat. 

Special Custom Interchangeable Counterbores

HydraForce Cavity Tooling

Interchangeable counterbores are designed to allow the pilot to be removed to change to the right pilot diameter for your application.  The pilot can be replaced if damaged or worn. The pilot is also designed to be removed for the re-sharpening process.  Available on request with straight shank or taper shank options. To learn more about our services, contact us now.

Special Custom Continuous Piloted Counterbores

HydraForce Cavity Tooling

Better known as cap-screw and solid-pilot counterbores.  Our custom cutting tools are designed with a round shank and spiral flutes for ease of use.  The spiral flute design keeps the tool cutting freely by fast chip evacuation.

Drill & Chamfer or Counterbore

HydraForce Cavity Tooling

With geometry that matches the profile of common fasteners, these counterbore drill bits save you time by chamfering, or countersinking the hole as they drill.  After drilling is complete, tap the hole and install your fastener.  Each drill bit will produce a range of hole sizes.  These tools are supplied with a black oxide finish and have a 118º point angle.  All tools are subland style drills to provide you the longest lasting product due to their ease of sharpening.

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